John Bell

Name: John Bell
Areas of Expertise: Opening Restaurants, Menu Writing,& Nutrition Education
Years in Industry: 36+ (25 as Executive Chef)
Credentials: Certified Executive Chef (CEC), Accredited Culinary Evaluator (ACE), Licensed Culinary Educator – State of Florida
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation
Personal Motto: “Give more than you take, teach all you know, and learn from everyone.”
Culinary Philosophy: Cook & eat fresh & seasonal. Incorporate fresh flavors, not salt.
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Eric Martinez

Name: Eric Martinez
Areas of Expertise: Hotels and Resorts
Years in Industry: 18+
Credentials: Cooked on every continent!
Professional Associations: ACF, The Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, James Beard House, and Slow Food Ambassador
Personal Motto: “Keep it simple, use recognizable local food.”
Culinary Philosophy: Always be open to learning new things because the day you stop hang up your apron!
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