Deden Putra

Name: Deden Putra
Areas of Expertise: Baking & Pastry Artistry
Years in Industry: 15 Years
Credentials: Multiple Magazine Publications, Television Appearances & Winning Competitor
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation, Institute of Culinary Education, Star Chef
Personal Motto: “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”
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Stephen Losee

Name: Stephen Losee, CEC, CCA
Areas of Expertise: Volume cookery, Multi-Outlets
Years in Industry: 20+
Credentials: Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Administrator
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation
Personal Motto: ‘Do it right the first time’
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Baylee Chapo

Name: Baylee Chapo
Area of Expertise: Pastry
Years in Industry: 9+
Credentials: Santa Rosa Culinary Arts Center, Winner of Iron Cupcake 2009, Featured on San Diego Living News, Featured in San Diego Style Weddings Magazine, Featured on Urban Style the Wedding Network
Personal Motto: “Giving up is not an option.”
Culinary Philosophy: Baking is a science!
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Frank Jock

Name: Frank Jock
Areas of Expertise: Corporate Chef, Catering, Food Manufacturing & Restaurants
Years in Industry: 25+
Professional Associations: Research Chefs Association, Corporate Chefs of America
Personal Motto: “God has given us the ability to cook for us to share it with everyone.”
Culinary Philosophy: Mise en Place – plan accordingly and keep everything in its place.
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James Corwell

Name: James Corwell
Areas of Expertise: Concept and Brand Development, Systems Building, Training and Education, Classical and World Cuisines
Years in Industry: 30+
Credentials: Certified Master Chef (CMC), Certified Culinary Educator (CCE)
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation
Personal Motto: “I can teach anyone to cook.”
Culinary Philosophy: Food is precious and should be treated as such.
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Eric Karell

Name: Eric Karell
Areas of Expertise: Executive Chef, Organizing Large Events, Wine and Food Pairings, Teaching, and Communication Skills
Years in Industry: 39+
Credentials: Certified Executive Chef (CEC), Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA), Member of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC)
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation
Personal Motto: “Believe and care only about things that are important.”
Culinary Philosophy: Take what God had already made perfect, and try not to screw it up.
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Troy Tornabeni

Name: Troy Tornabeni
Areas of Expertise: Multi-Outlet Properties/Country Clubs/Hotels
Years in Industry: 18+
Credentials: AAS in Culinary Arts
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation
Personal Motto: “Nothing good in life is easy.”
Culinary Philosophy: Make it from scratch using the freshest ingredients possible based on budget and concept.
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Zak Kuczynski

Name: Zak Kuczynski
Areas of Expertise: Charcuterie, Equipment/Technology and Cheese
Years in Industry: 21+
Credentials: AAS Culinary Arts, Metallurgy/Welding
Professional Associations: RCA, IFT, Salt Cured Pig
Personal Motto: “Live every day in betterment of yourself, those around you and the planet we owe so much to.”
Culinary Philosophy: Cook like you mean it, because ‘good enough’ should never be good enough.
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Colin Moody

Name: Colin Moody
Areas of Expertise: Localvore & Mediterranean
Years in Industry: 29+
Credentials: Certified Executive Chef (CEC), PCII
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation
Personal Motto: “Cooking is like a dance, get your moves down, then create!”
Culinary Philosophy: Make the whole tongue happy, layer your flavors.
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Jonathan Elwell

Name: Jonathan Elwell
Areas of Expertise: Menu Development, Ordering, Special Events, Wine Dinners
Years in Industry: 28+
Credentials: Graduate ACFEF Apprenticeship Program, Certified Executive Chef (CEC)
Professional Associations: American Culinary Federation
Personal Motto: “Make it your own and own it.”
Culinary Philosophy: Fresher and closer to home the better.
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