4 Ways to Improve Your Job Search

Job Search

There are few things more frustrating than searching endlessly for work. There are several factors that contribute to unsuccessful attempts. Perhaps it’s where you’re looking, an outdated resume, or a lack of an established professional online presences. So if you’re having trouble with your job search, before you continue, here are four ways you can improve your job search.

Become a Food Blogger

If you’re a keen foodie then you already have a head start in to the ever-growing culinary subsection of the blogging community as your passion is key to producing great content and a wide readership. But your passion or hobby can also produce valuable results once you learn how to make money from your food blog. Consumers look towards the blogosphere for tips and tricks in the kitchen, which means larger companies also value the popular blogger. Sponsorship, partnerships, affiliates, freelance contracts and even full time work can now be gained from becoming a food blogger. Read More

10 Uncommon Culinary Careers

A love for food doesn’t necessarily mean that you love to cook it. You might find the most joy in tasting new delicacies, finding the perfect recipe, or sharing your love for certain foods with others. They say your most successful career can grow from a hobby, so this article is for all those who would love nothing more than to grow their career from a love for food, but who aren’t necessarily interested in the normal culinary professions out there. Read More

Establishing an Online Culinary Presence

If you currently attend culinary school, have dreams of becoming a chef, or already hold a chef position, establishing yourself online can provide great benefits. Having a presence online can help create employment opportunities, allow you to network with like-minded individuals, and create a following of individuals genuinely interested in your work. Many top-level culinary professionals today have an online presence in order to connect with and inform those who are interested in following their careers. There are several ways to promote your culinary capabilities online, so we are starting with some of the basics.
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Benefits of Having a Chef Mentor

There are many advantages and benefits to be gained from developing a relationship with a mentor, not only within your craft but also within business as a whole. For a chef who has studied for years or worked their way from kitchen-to-kitchen, finding a mentor is a crucial step to acknowledging that you are not alone in wanting to better your profession and that other, now more successful, people have lived through similar struggles you are experiencing today. With all that being said, lets see what are some of the main benefits below!
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Become a Personal Chef!

Like any other work, you need to come prepared to an interview with good references to back up your experience. Confidence is a must, and key to being a personal chef is the ability to throw yourself outside your comfort zone. It is likely that employers will request specific meals and saying no because you haven’t experienced that particular recipe before will not keep you in good stead for referral to others.
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How to Find a Chef Mentor

Mentors can often act as the fine line between experience and success within your chosen field. Through the acts of giving advice, giving suggestions for growth, or merely acting as a surface from which to bounce your ideas from, mentors not only support amateur professionals but can also widen your network, essentially opening you up to new experiences and opportunities.
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