4 Ways to Improve Your Job Search

There are few things more frustrating than searching endlessly for work. There are several factors that contribute to unsuccessful attempts. Perhaps it’s where you’re looking, an outdated resume, or a lack of an established professional online presences. So if you’re having trouble with your job search, before you continue, here are four ways you can improve your job search.

Job Search

#1: Update your online profiles

Make sure that your online profiles (i.e.: Harri, LinkedIn, etc.) are all up-to-date. Include changes to your experiences, education and skill set. Also, don’t forget about your profile photo. Your photo should be professional and a representation of yourself when you are at work. To further help your job search, edit your personal statement. You may be looking for a role that is different from the one you held before, so make that clear to employers. If you have a portfolio or gallery that is attached to your account, upload new photos to showcase your culinary abilities.

#2: Clean up your social media accounts

Now that you have updated your professional profiles, you have to take care of your social channels. Employers can possibly search for you on these social platforms, and you do not want to be found with inappropriate photos. Delete those posts, or change your security settings to private mode. Some individuals even create a professional and personal profile on certain channels in order to keep the lines separated. However, this can be timely to maintain.

#3: Search on niche job boards

If you are specifically interested in the restaurant and hospitality sectors, be sure to search on job boards specific to those industries. For example, Craigslist has a section for food and beverages jobs, and Harri’s job board is dedicated to the restaurant and hotel-related industries. You can also further filter the results so that you only see jobs that you care about. For instance, if you are only interested in front-of-house roles, you can easily search on some of these online resources to nail down the specific role you want.

#4: Networking

Hospitality is a very social industry. You will be surprised by how many people any given person is actually in touch with. There is a higher chance of getting a job through networking than by directly applying to jobs. Reconnect with people in your circle, from past co-workers to mentors, and mutual friends. Build relationships and see if there are opportunities that they know about. You can also attend workshops, conventions, and industry events to further expand your network.

Well, there you have it! Four easy ways to improve your chances of getting hired. Spend some time in these areas and you’ll be working in no time.